Company Overview

Micrometals is an engineering focused organization driven to deliver the industry’s best powder core solutions and serve those markets with the broadest selection of standard materials, shapes and sizes.  We also have unmatched capabilities to provide quick-turn modified products, custom geometries and customized materials to solve challenging application requirements.

We work closely with our customer’s engineering and supply chain teams to help them succeed and provide them with powder cores of uncompromising quality, performance and reliability.

About Micrometals

The company began more than 65 years ago by Dick Barden and he and his family still continue to oversee operations today.  Micrometals headquarters in Anaheim, California is the only powder core manufacturing facility remaining in the US.
In 2010, Micrometals acquired the alloy powder core products of Arnold Magnetic Technologies and began transforming that business into a leader in alloy powder cores.  We continue to invest across our businesses with new materials, core shapes and production capabilities to help our customers maintain their competitive advantage.

In total, Micrometals has three global production facilities totaling more than 240,000 ft2 (22,300 m2) and we are the largest manufacturer of distributed gap powder cores.  We also formulate our own powders to assure they meet our quality and performance standards and provide unmatched consistency to our customers.  Our facilities meet or exceed the highest ISO standards.

Today, Micrometals serves thousands of customers around the globe, from winding houses to tier 1 manufacturers.  Our products are widely used in power applications in nearly every major industrial market around the world including automotive, industrial, communications, medical, electronic, 
home appliances, military and aerospace. 

Engineering Capabilities and Support - From Design to Production

Micrometals offers free on-line software to help engineers design their ideal inductor and provide them with the design options to help them find an optimal solution for their application.  When the design extends beyond basic calculations our engineers are ready to put their decades of experience to work on finding the right solution to meet performance and budgetary requirements. 

Inductor Design Software - New Shapes, New Materials, New Topologies

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Have Questions?

Micrometals will gladly extend engineering and design assistance to aid in your core selection.