MS - Sendust

  • Iron, Silicon, Aluminum alloy powder material
  • Low Magnetorestriction for audibly quiet applications        
  • Operating frequencies to MHz
  • Wide selection of toroids, E-cores and blocks
  • Permeabilities: 14μ, 26μ, 40μ, 60μ, 75μ, 90μ, 125μ, 147μ and 160μ
  • Cost effective low loss material
  • No thermal aging



Permeability vs. DC Magnetizing Force

Permeability vs. AC Flux Density

Permeability vs. Frequency

Permeability vs. Temperature


14 Perm


26 Perm


40 Perm


60 Perm


75 Perm


90 Perm


125 Perm


147 Perm


160 Perm


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